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Dietary supplements are taken for two purposes: health reason or for performance enhancement. The most common nutrients for fitness supplements include protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins and are used to enhance your diet overall.

We wanted to make the best products to match these needs. So, by using best ingredients and best practices, we achieved the best flavours – without any additional bullshit.

Premium ingredients

We only use premium ingredients by collaborating with the best providers in the world to ensure that hrf products bring the best results.



Eco-friendly production

We believe that it is the duty of the strong to care for this planet so we have opted for eco-friendly practices in our production.


Amazing flavours

We love great food. We love great taste. We believe that the products you use to enhance your diet should have amazing flavour as well.

No fillers


We are not here to play - our supplements are filled only with ingredients which are needed to ensure the best performance.

Our products

protein bar

We have a great selection of products that will make your body flourish and help you reach your full potential.